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Videography Maximizes Real Estate Listings

We’ve all heard that saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Have you ever wondered how that can be multiplied to generate greater impact? The answer is video.

Phelan Photography now offers professional real estate video packages for real estate agents and property sellers, thanks to a partnership with professional videographer, Michael Kovach. These videos go beyond what a traditional virtual tour can offer by creating a better feel for the finer details and true ambiance of a home and property.

There are many benefits to including a professional real estate video with your sale listing, in addition to the traditional static photographs and/or virtual tours.

A Permanent Open House. Instead of an agent needing to invest time sitting at an open house and hoping that prospective buyers visit, a real estate video is like having a 24-hour-a-day open house. Prospective buyers can “visit” anytime. The video, which showcases internal and exterior features of the building as well as the surrounding property, can be accessed multiple times, at any time of the day, from wherever the interested individuals are located (at home, in the office, or even on their mobile device when they see the “for sale” sign and pull over right away to check out the listing!). Exposure of the listing is maximized, increasing the chances of a quick sell for the highest price.

Save Time. Because agents aren’t required to sit at an open house to try to bring in possible buyers, it saves time for them to work on other areas of the business. In addition, home buyers can use the real estate videos to pre-qualify the property by making a pre-determination of whether or not the property for sale has a majority of the features and requirements they’re looking for in their next home. This will save them time in their search by not attending open houses or making appointments to view homes that don’t fit their needs. This saves time for both the agent and the buyer. If a prospective buyer makes an appointment to view a property for which they already viewed a real estate video, the agent can be sure it offers much of what the buyer is looking for.

Easy to Share. A link to a professional real estate video is easy to share over e-mail and social media channels. Prospective buyers often start their search online and narrow down their search to a few properties solely from viewing online listings. Videos of homes and properties for sale often go viral online, with viewers who like something about a property they see and then sharing the link with their followers. It just takes that one perfect person to click on it to generate a sale!

Adding a professionally shot and edited real estate video to your listing is a win-win situation. It’s an excellent pre-selection tool for buyers, who will use it to determine their true interest in a property for sale, and for agents, who will more easily bring in suitable prospects to view the listed property.

If you need more information about using a real estate video to maximize your listings, have a look at the packages that are available, or send an email with any questions.

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