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Attractive Curb Appeal Increases Interest in Listings

I am sure you have heard about the importance of “curb appeal”, and know that first impressions are HUGE in real estate. Encouraging your clients to pay some attention to their curb appeal can greatly increase interest in your listings.

Here are some easy and virtually cost free things you can suggest:

  • New Mulch – The fastest way to freshen up your landscaping is new mulch. Spread a layer of it all throughout your landscaped areas. This is inexpensive and requires very little time commitment.
  • Colourful Flowers  – An even better first impression can be made by planting some colorful flowers which will make your new mulch stand out even more.
  • Hedges and Bushes – Trim any over grown plants and bushes.
  • Weeds  – there are most likely some weeds that have been ignored. Weeds growing in the sidewalk cracks can easily be taken care of.
  • Windows & Screens –  Make sure the windows are clean and in working order.  Replace any screens that have been damaged.
  • Gutters – Clean the rain gutters out
  • Siding – Wash any dirt, mold or mildew from the siding.
  • Shutters – Fix any shutters and repaint if paint is peeling
  • Porches – Fix porch railings and steps and replace boards that may be rotting.
  • Fences – Fix any broken fences, latches or hinges.

For a welcoming touch suggest that they hang a welcome sign on the front door!

Here’s to a successful Summer!

Anne Marie

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What is Curb Appeal and How Can it Help You Sell Faster?

It finally feels like Spring! You want to take advantage of the Spring real estate market, but how do you get your home ready?

Often times when I go on a real estate photo shoot, the first thing I notice is that the home is lacking what the industry calls “curb appeal”.

Curb Appeal is defined by Merriam-Webster.com as the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street.

curb-appealMost  real estate agents will make suggestions as to what items the home owners should “remove or store” while they are in the process of selling the home. Others will suggest bringing in a professional home stager who will help the homeowners work with their existing decor, or rent new items to make the home “more sell-able”. If the home is vacant, a home stager can add furniture and accessories to make it look “lived in” and comfortable. If the home is too cluttered, it is difficult for potential buyers to envision their own belongings in the home.  The same can happen if the home is empty.

Some examples of clutter that should be removed or stored are garbage cans, seasonal equipment and children’s outdoor toys.  The home needs to look tidy and inviting from the outside to attract potential buyers.

Landscaping is necessary. Rake up the leaves, take dead plants out of the garden, add some fresh mulch and even fresh paint to the exterior of the home.  Also, when pictures are being taken for the listing, move parked cars out of the driveway so the photographer can get a clear photo of the house.


Curb appeal is guaranteed to increase the number of potential buyers for your home.  Click the photos above to see articles which have excellent examples of curb appeal and will help you make your “Get Ready to Sell” check list.

Best of luck and Happy Selling!

Anne Marie Phelan ~ “Photography with Personality”

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