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Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Getting your home ready for sale means having your house clean, decluttered, simplified and fresh! These are all a must if you want to get the best offer on your home. Here is a checklist of things to do to prepare your home for sale!

  • declutterthe entire house – get rid of anything you don’t need anymore
  • depersonalize – take down all family pictures, awards, certificates
  • get rid of fridge art & magnets – they are fun and cute for us but just makes things look messy when you are trying to sell
  • hire a cleaning company – a super thorough deep clean before your house goes on the market and then regular cleaning can really pay off and save you the stress
  • have the carpets cleaned – using a professional carpet cleaning company may be a good move if you have high traffic areas.
  • touch up paint – unless you have not painted in a while you may get away with just touching up
  • fix broken things – like a broken hinge, door handle etc.
  • weed and landscape outdoor areas – make things look beautiful outdoors too
  • neutralize – get rid of any bright, trendy colours and replace with neutral tones
  • eliminate clutter – simplify any area that has too much “stuff”
  • minimize or re-arrange furniture – make each room look as big as possible
  • stage simply – use only a few pieces to try to make the spaces look as uncluttered as possible like items on a shelf
  • clean towels in bathrooms – make the bathrooms look clean and fresh with clean towels that are hung neatly
  • check light bulbs – make sure they are all working and replace any that are burnt outmade kids’ toys look as
  • clean and neat as possible – put toys in plastic bins
  • have professional photos taken – don’t risk having less than the best and use a professional photographer
  • clear off surfaces – remove most of the stuff off of our kitchen and bathroom counters, dressers, nightstands, and desks to make spaces look uncluttered and as large as possible.
  • do not forget cabinets, drawers, and closets – assume every drawer and door will be opened!

Do Not forget to leave the house “SHOW CONDITION” anytime you leave. To avoid the panic and stress of not being ready here are some simple things you can do each day.

  • make beds as soon as you get out of them
  • keep up with the dishes
  • keep up with the laundry
  • wipe down counters daily
  • sweep/vacuum daily
  • clean bathroom mirrors daily
  • open all curtains and blinds

BONUS! Handy Tip


In the case that you need to get out of the house quickly for a showing, keep a laundry basket handy and you will be ready to quickly scoop up anything that is laying around like paperwork and kids homework! You can put the laundry basket in the trunk of your car when you need to make a quick exit for a showing!

Get Your Home Ready to Sell Checklist

Agents – there is a spot for you to attach your business card!

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