Vacation Away to Regenerate the Soul-New Orleans Style

It was great to have a short trip away with some friends to New Orleans, what an experience that was too!!

Have you ever been there before? I would highly recommend it!! Although I would say to go longer then 5 days, there is so much to see and do, that you will literally hurt your legs and feet with all the walking you do.

We arrived on the Friday, last week early enough to venture out and check things out!! It was architecturally beautiful there! So many historical buildings and homes, the trolley’s, the body of water, which of course is the Mississippi River, the food and the friendly people.  None of us have ever been here before so it was cool trying out something new!

The locals are very friendly and will suggest places to see or eat, as well as things to do. So much for you to see and do there, lots for everyone! My only suggestion is to do some research on the things you like to see before you get there and perhaps the restaurants or pubs you would like to go too.  I personally found that the food was a bit expensive that what I would normally spend.

We visited Bourbon Street, participated in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, had a walking tour of St. Peter’s Cemetery, walked up and down Canal Street, Magazine Street, River walk Shopping Plaza, the outdoor markets in Frenchmen Quarters, seen Frenchmen Street, watched the street performers, got to try a true original Cafe Monet Bignet (deep fried dough with powdered sugar ontop). Rode in a bike taxi, actually we had a race with one another, soo fun!!! There was even a Casino there too!! Some of the ladies won some pretty pennies, others just donated to the cause!

Seen our first real New Orleans style wedding celebration with the big bands and the guests following the bride and groom, really cool!! We took a riverboat dinner cruise down the Mississippi River, very nice and food was great.

If you like music, this is the place for you! Lot’s of street performers all trying to make a living, big bands playing all over. Seen some really buildings, Emerald’s Restaurant, Channing Tantum’s restaurant, lots and lots of various New Orleans food and seafood for those willing to try it all!

I think by Monday we were all pretty much toast from all the walking we have done.. which my friends fitbit has said we walked over 18,000 steps!! Like HOLLY!!! That’s alot of walking!!

Then came all the plane delays from all the snow weather warnings on the East Coast, which effected us too! First it was only an hour delay then 2 hours, then possibility of staying another day in New Orleans. We regrettably trucked home and welcomed back by this lovely real Canadian snow!!

Now to work towards having a very busy spring market for real estate photography. Thank you for all your hard work and support while I was away.

Have a wonderful  St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate with your family and friends!! 




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