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Europe-Czech Republic World Ball Hockey International Competition 2017

Andrew and Matthew

candles lite for Matthew and Lauren’s upcoming wedding this year

St. Charles Bridge entrance

Murdoch and I at one of the games enjoying some food and beverages

The team’s cheer team! Tracy, Chantel, Tom and Anne Marie

Gordy and Chantel meeting her uncle in Czech Republic for the first time!

The town the boys played ball hockey at.

our view from our hotel windows overlooking the town

Great Britain team mates at one of the games

The boys earned these drinks as they had just had a hard game

Steve Morris and Matthew Delisle with Anne Marie

Alex and the mascot for the games

the boys enjoying the win at the game and expressing great joy!

Drew and Steve

Tracy and I exploring Prague

the guys with team usa

sun setting in czech republic was so beautiful. It was weird to have almost 16 hours of daylight


Mckenzie kicking butt

team work is what you get when you work together

the local signs in the area

Chantel and Gordy

Great catch Gage!

Congratulations Great Britain team mates!

player of the game

This was such a great experience to witness to be able to share this adventure in the Czech Republic with my son Matthew and his team mates and new family members as they call themselves. 

The buildings and area is so beautiful and full of history, there is not one place that has some kind of history attached to it. Even visited a Concentration Camp in Theresienstadt, Czech Terezín, town in northern Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic), founded in 1780 and used from 1941 to 1945 by Nazi Germany as a walled ghetto, or concentration camp, and as a transit camp for western Jews en route to Auschwitz and other extermination camps. (1)internet info.  This site was so cool and eerie at the same time.

It was the first time ever in Europe for most of us and a learning experience at that, getting use to all the customs and the food let alone the lack of anything cold to drink there. The weather was very hot and not a day that was bad weather wise. But the lack of air conditioning was another rude awakening or the fact that they don’t use wash cloths. The staff would not let us have drinks with our food, something we were use to as if we were home. After a few days with the heat, we got the drinks anyways. The variety of food is very different to get use too for sure. Breakfast was different too, they eat alot of pastries, warm milk, cheeses, meats, tomatoes, cucumbers, as well as some soft boiled eggs and juices. The first few days there we explored the area and found falfal’s we all liked and ate those! The grocery store wasn’t too far away too. We found ice here!! YEAHH!!! To have cold drinks!!

Being involved in the games was interesting! Knowing that these players were ages 20 years old on up to 40 years up, playing against one another took on another level of stress too. Being this was world international ball hockey the rules were a bit stricter THANK GOD!! The way some of them were playing would make you think you needed a doctor or a nurse on staff at all times!

I can tell you the best day was when we all 25 of us, got to experience Prague with a guided tour on motorized scooters! So much fun! We were split up into 2 groups, with each group and guide took off exploring the areas. Our guide was so fun we went to the top of the mountains and down again, even with a few wipe outs! me included, we all survived a great day!!

Now that the month has come and gone and we look back at all the photos and see the social media posts, the websites for stats and game reviews, the guys can look forward to the next years game in Russia or Solavakia, another great experience for the team mates to enjoy and possibly take home some medals!

Being 4th in the worlds is now small feat, but a well accomplished one and earned for each of the guys on the team.

Until next time, enjoy your time together and remember the time aboard.

Congratulations to @greatbritainteam2017 




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A summer trip to Europe-Czech Republic June 2017

Here are some of the pics from Czech Republic of various sites I visited while attending my son’s World International Ball Hockey Tournament.  Prague is the capital of Czech Republic, it is very beautiful here. Stay tuned in for more stories and photos of the entire trip and find out the outcome of the championships!

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A Southern Journey

It all began on a Sunday early morning. We had the car packed and started out on the highway to the airport. There is something surreal about the wee hours of the morning when you travel you get to see the world wake up at various times and watch the sunrise, enjoying the various colours it creates for you to see.

Now arriving at a very busy airport early makes for a stressful time frame, as you are excited to go but not excited for the plane ride at the same time! You never know if the person’s next to you are going to be quiet, or talkative or even if a child will be pestering the people around them. In the end we sat with one of our travel companions while the other was sitting in the Exit row seating enjoying the space around the area.

Our in-flight movie was no movie but TV shows that were actually kind of silly. Disappointing really. Such a short flight but one usually likes to watch a movie while flying or try to sleep, even though they pack you in like sardines. Spaces are very limited with your seats, it doesn’t help when the seat in front of you is positioned back as well!



The last time I was in Florida, or any part of it was for my father and stepmother’s wedding in 2002. They got married in Fort Walton Beach area.

Here we are in Orlando, Florida heading out to a rental condo for a week, while our travel companion’s will be here a week and a half.

The weather is absolutely beautiful!! Hot, humid and sunny! PERFECT!!

Now off to our rental car to head to our condo!! Thankfully we brought our GPS with us so that we can find the house ok! Took a short turn nearby to stop to get some groceries before we arrived at the condo with the all ready packed car which is now stuffed to the gills with us, luggage’s and groceries!!!


The local landscapes are always interesting to see. The various kinds of trees the pastures, the wildlife and the local farmers animals. It gives you a sense of being at home.

Just like at home there is a lot of construction going on in various places. With the highways here they have toll roads, a nice way to get you to pay for all the maintenance needed to keep the roads current conditions at its best.

Our condo is in a very nice subdivision surrounding by many other vacation homes in the area. Florida is one of the top locations where people come to for vacations and condo rentals while away. The structures of the homes are made like a stone exterior house with earth tones for colours with a Spanish flare for design.

Very nice home. Clean. It has a 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one king size bed, 2 smaller rooms with 2 twin beds in each room, and a double bed/queen size bed. The master bedroom en suite is really nice, with a stand-up glass shower, an oval tub, with a 2 sink counter with a private toilet area and a walk in closet. The one sofa comes out to a double bed as well! Dinning Room area, a Breakfast nook, open concept kitchen, screened in patio with a pool and a view into the pond area. The garage is even equipped with a fuse table, a basketball game, ping-pong table and a short pool table.

There are a few drawback’s  I see from this house. They need to do a bit of updating, the TVs and maybe a better fridge for the home, it is not a full size fridge. Adding foam to the double bed, as it is hard, better pillows, getting ride of anything with feathers in it! Some of the throw pillows are feathers and with people, including myself having allergies to these things it is not good.  A fresh coat of paint would make it look a bit nicer as well.  You are expected to buy your condiments, dish soaps, and utensils for BBQ were non-existing. The BBQ needs to be replaced as it is a small one with uneven burners working. The pool should have some kind of railing near the steps as soon as you try to step down you have nothing to hold onto. There is not one spot for a life jacket if you needed it or any spot for a first aide kit nearby. Although we do not have young kids with us, the exception to the rule to actually watch your children in the pool is expected. There is a Florida law to have an alarm system on the sliding doors of the home and if someone falls into the water it goes off, somehow—not sure how that actually works as each side of the screened in porch has a door to get inside. There is a webcam above the sun room doors, but where is that actually looking at or is it just a way to spy on things??


This is the view from our condo out towards the pond area with the local birds coming out to great us with their beauty and lovely loud calling features they make! Smile LOUD CALLING FEATURES!!!!


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Collingwood, Ontario 2012

Georgian Bay on a calm evening

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Trip to the Dominica

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An East Coast Experience


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My Vegas, Baby


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