How to Remove Winter Ice Around Your Home Safely

When it comes to winter ice around your home, the best defense against property damage and personal injury is to know how to make things safe, especially when you are selling your home as traffic will be increased and so are the chances of someone getting hurt. If you are a real estate agent, these are some great tips to pass along to your clients!

Keep Things Under Control
When shoveling snow, the key is to do it early and do it often so that the snow doesn’t have a chance to build up or melt! Nothing is worse than removing wet, heavy snow! If you let it build up and temperatures warm up, snow melts turning into a mush mess, and then it can even freeze again turning your property into a skating rink.

Remove the Icicles
Take an extension pole or a long broom and simply knock them down. Do NOT stand directly under the icicles when you do this. That’s the whole point of using the long pole. Try to avoid swinging wildly around windows (for obvious reason), and if the icicles are near an electrical line, then just don’t do it!

Invest in an Easy-to-Push Snow Scoop
A snow scoop is ridiculously easy to push when the snow is nice and fluffy and it makes clearing larger areas of snow a breeze. When in a hurry a driveway (if the snow is not too heavy) can be cleared in an instant without having to start the snow blower! Tip: If you find snow to be a bit sticky in the scoop, feel free to squirt some WD40 inside of the scoop. It should help the snow slide off more easily.

Keep Plenty of Salt on Hand
Depending on the winter, it can be a great idea to have large buckets of salt on hand. Ideally, you would remove the snow before it has the chance to turn into an ice skating rink, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Use a Heavy-Duty Ice Scraper on Solid Ice
This is a great and easy to use tool to chip away at small sections of ice as to reduce accidents. If you tend to get areas where ice forms, this tool is a must-have item!

Winter is a beautiful time of year, stay safe and keep things safe for your potential buyers!

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