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A Family Affair a wedding is in the air August 12 2017


Celebrating a bridal shower with family and friends

Matthew and I


The future Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Delisle Matthew and Lauren

In just a short few weeks we will have one of our 4 boys getting married. These moments are both exciting and hard for this moma bear! The fact that your children grow up and become exceptional young men, we encourage they to be good to others, as well as to themselves. Hopefully they can find someone who they can share every moment with, who truly loves them for themselves and be able to enjoy each other’s company.

Matthew and Lauren met while in high school, being together, getting to know one another and getting those calls in the middle of the night that one of them needs help or has been hurt, has been nothing but scary in those moments, but also lucky that they have found each other. They suit one another. Both are sports orientated, both are caring and loving and family orientated. Although sometimes they may not want to be around family, they know they can always rely on us on any given moment for anything.

Love is unconditional, internally inside and out, makes your hands sweaty and your heart hurt when they are not there anymore. Love is such an emotion that together they can grow, mature and make a life with each other that will make any parent proud.

Matthew at age 4 playing tee ball

Lauren is a little cutie here

going for a tube ride.. is she ready?


Lauren’s beautiful eyes that tell you everything will be ok

As we begin to countdown the weeks into days, we take the celebrations as they come, for some are no longer here on earth to share these moments with us. We never take anything or anyone for granted and enjoy every day as it comes.

Congratulations to my son Matthew Delisle and finding your soul mate, Lauren Cartwright!!

Congratulations Lauren Cartwright for surviving our families and becoming a beautiful addition!!

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Trail Duster Tuesdays.. A new Start for the summer


Summer time, BBQ’s, Car Shows, strolling the beaches…perfect days for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the views!

Some people can relax more then others, other’s need reassurances to relax. When we find these moments that work for us, we usually keep them until something else comes along and may work better for us.

What are the ways that help you relax? Do you try many things or stick to one thing for yourself?

Summer is the start of days off and vacations, graduations, end of the school year celebrations, all perfect times to get together with family and friends. Some people find these times also hard and stressful.

Changing how you do things for part of the year helps you get some sort of balance within in yourself and your family life also.

Remember that there is no need to spend ubber amounts of money to make yourself and family happy, precious time together or solitude is what is needed to refresh and recoup your lives together.


Life is too short to not do the things you would like or believe in. Too many people in the world who are dying from diseases or accidents, or even self inflicted pain.

Make the best of your time.

Summer… the time to recoup friendships, family lives, your partners and your children’s lives.



With Canada and Independence Day coming up, celebrations are a great way to participate and be Thankful for all that we have. Celebrations are great!

How will you celebrate?


Happy Canada Day, on July 1st!!




Happy Independence Day, on July 4th!!


Make the world a better place, be kind, be loving, be patient and forgiving.

Enjoy your time with loved ones and friends.

Have a wonderful summer!!


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Walk for Autism Speaks Canada-London, Ontario June 22, 2014


It was with my greatest pleasure to be able to donate my time today

as a photographer for this great event to be able to photograph all of you.

I had so much fun with everyone including all the Super Hero’s and  Star Wars Characters today!!

I would like to Thank each and everyone of you for your patience and great attitudes when it comes to helping out those who need that extra mile for a great cause. Together you have raised over $44,000.00!! Keep us the good work!!

To learn more about Autism and how you can help out in your community, please go to http://www.autismspeaks.ca/events/walk-now-for-autism-speaks

and check out what is happening in a city near you!

Have fun and enjoy all the photos from today!!

Help spread the Love for these photos to those, share, share and share some more!!


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Super Sundays 2014


Blackfriars Beauty and Saloon and Spa hosted an event to help raise funds for local charities.



CN Holiday Train came into Downtown London for some Santa celebrations and help raise money for our local food banks.


London Santa Clause Parade in Downtown, London, Ontario 2013.


London, Ontario’s first major snow storm of the year, December 5th/2013.. oh what a night!!


Hyde Park Lions and Optimist Club Santa Clause Parade, November 30th, 2013


London East Lions members and spouses and guests year end Christmas Dinner at Fellini Koolini’s 2013.


Keller Williams Lifestyle Realty, London, Ontario Charity Basket Draw 2013.


Elgie Bus Lines Charter Drivers, Christmas Party 2013.



Kids Zone Daycare Christmas Play, December 2013.



Irene Wubs Family Photos 2013.


London Humane Society Christmas Pet Gifts at One London Place, December 2013.

Thank You for looking at my photos.

We hope that everyone has an exceptional New Years in 2014 and you remember to keep

the peace, pay it forward by helping others around you.

Enjoy life, Love Life, Breathe Life!!


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Super Sundays

It was a pleasure to meet and greet with everyone yesterday during the exciting time for the parade! Everyone looked great and worked really hard at making this a fantastic event. We look forward to next years event!!Enjoy all the photos!!      Merry Christmas to all!!

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Tuesday- Western Fair, London, Ontario






Two best pals together at the fair!

A local fair here in London, Ontario called the Western Fair. Every year it comes starting the first

weekend of September for 10 days straight. You can find tons of games for the little ones, even the big kids too! You will see all the various food vendors everywhere and take in a local band or even bigger names like Loverboy or Down with Webster. Whichever you choose, there are lots to see and do here, although your pocket book my not be ready, but the kids sure are!!

Have a great time at the fair and always remember the kids do the cutest posing when they are having fun too!!

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