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A Family Affair a wedding is in the air August 12 2017


Celebrating a bridal shower with family and friends

Matthew and I


The future Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Delisle Matthew and Lauren

In just a short few weeks we will have one of our 4 boys getting married. These moments are both exciting and hard for this moma bear! The fact that your children grow up and become exceptional young men, we encourage they to be good to others, as well as to themselves. Hopefully they can find someone who they can share every moment with, who truly loves them for themselves and be able to enjoy each other’s company.

Matthew and Lauren met while in high school, being together, getting to know one another and getting those calls in the middle of the night that one of them needs help or has been hurt, has been nothing but scary in those moments, but also lucky that they have found each other. They suit one another. Both are sports orientated, both are caring and loving and family orientated. Although sometimes they may not want to be around family, they know they can always rely on us on any given moment for anything.

Love is unconditional, internally inside and out, makes your hands sweaty and your heart hurt when they are not there anymore. Love is such an emotion that together they can grow, mature and make a life with each other that will make any parent proud.

Matthew at age 4 playing tee ball

Lauren is a little cutie here

going for a tube ride.. is she ready?


Lauren’s beautiful eyes that tell you everything will be ok

As we begin to countdown the weeks into days, we take the celebrations as they come, for some are no longer here on earth to share these moments with us. We never take anything or anyone for granted and enjoy every day as it comes.

Congratulations to my son Matthew Delisle and finding your soul mate, Lauren Cartwright!!

Congratulations Lauren Cartwright for surviving our families and becoming a beautiful addition!!

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September flies like wildfire!!

WOW!! My how time flies by, it was just the last week of September and now we are into October already!!!  If you are like me, you are wondering where did Summer go!! We certainly are getting busier with each year that passes us by, making it seem that life is starting to look like a super fast train moving forward and never stopping!!

Life has been pretty busy with family events, weddings, friends visits, many real estate photography sessions and many many events!!


This month I participated in the first ever Fall Fashionista event on September 15th 2016 at Trinity Church in London, Ontario. It was a fun evening! Heather Ringland, (center, black hat, orange and black top) is a fashion designer, who along side with Women In Business, Sherry Simoes and these other amazing ladies and myself, got to meet many guests and showcase our various items or products to the guests. It was a busy night for all!! Being the photographer for the evening, it is never dull when your having fun!!


Earlier in the month I have also photographed Sutton Group – Select Realty an Invitational Charity Golf Tournament at Fire Rock Golf Resort. It is usually a very busy day for me when I do these events! This time I had the pleasure of having a guest with me touring around and helping for the event. After the golf event we ventured over to The Ceeps for dinner and an auction and many prizes for the evening. Proceeds from this event were to help with FEMAP. The beneficiaries are young adults age 16-25 that suffer from mental health issues, the organization is called: First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (creating awareness for mental health known as FEMAP) Today’s young people need our help more than ever before, you can read more about FEMAP by reading here: http://www.lhsc.on.ca/About_Us/FEMAP

 _DSC3762    _DSC3828 




Here are some photos from this event with Sutton-Select Real Estate agents, volunteers and the many guests who came out to enjoy the day and donate to a worthy cause for the FEMAP.


Earlier in  July, I also photographed another golf event. This one was called The Krista Riedman Classic. To help raise funds for awareness for Drunk Drivers. This young lady was killed at a young age from a drunk driver. It was a beautiful day out and everyone had allot of fun and enjoyed being able to raise funds for this event. If you would like to see more photographs from this event please visit either my website or my Facebook page.

www.phelanphoto.com   https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1151547978241013.1073741915.269913476404472&type=1&l=65001bd8d1







As we are now in almost the middle of October now, the fall season has sure arrived with it’s beautiful fall colours and of course some very unseasonable warm weather as well as some very cool nights.

We need to take this time to look around our homes to make sure things are put away, there are no holes for any little unwanted creatures to come inside when it is warmer inside then outside!! Perhaps even take the time to winterize any flowerbeds or garden beds, making sure all down spouts are in working order as well. I know we are guilty of the last minute checks also!! For once, I have completed 1/2 of these chores, but as a lady, I am NOT getting up on the roof!! The boys can do that!!

I’d also like to take this time to Thank all of my current and past clients for using my services this year thus far. With all the changes and various things that have changed both professionally and technically, it can be challenging to say the least sometimes. Being patient and getting feedback from each and everyone of you is important and helpful for myself to continue to improve my services and continue to give 100% to all my clientele.

This is a great time to get those listings photographed with all the beautiful colours in the trees! Now taking bookings! Call or email us!!

Please also make sure you have my current update email information and have taken the time to sign up to my newsletter and or have joined us on social media platforms. Check us out!!

Have a great month see you soon!!

_DSC5507-3          _DSC5622-92 

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Tuesday-September 2, 2014 -An End to Summer Celebration




A Blurry pic of the X festival lights with an older camera, lots of screaming kids on the roller coasters and a huge light display of many colours!!















Atlantis, a place for many weddings and business functions held over the Ontario Marina, Toronto.





A view of the docks at night with all the boaters getting ready for a night of celebrations.

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Thirsty Thursdays- Jazz and Blues at it’s best. August 24th, 2014

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Keller Williams Lifestyle Realty, Red Day 2014 @ Princess Elizabeth Public School, London, Ont.

It was my greatest pleasure to be invited to help photograph this event with Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty.  I enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with all the agents and fellow volunteer’s on this very special day. The amount of work that this fabulous group of agents do for this school is AMAZING!!!


Congratulations to all who

helped out on Red Day 2014!!

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Fun Fridays Makes for great storytelling nights…

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Happy Hump Wednesdays

Madd Hatter

Urban Gypsy street performer was recently at Victoria Hospital

visiting a friend, making balloons for those in the waiting room

of the emergency room.  

No matter the reason or the illness, we all love having someone

brighten our day or night with a simple

balloon art to enjoy and show off to others.

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Mischievous Mondays–Hug It Forward Bowling Event 2014


Welcome to Sandy Krueger Real Estate Inc.,

proudly hosting

a fundraiser for

Hug It Forward and World Ventures Foundation

March 16th, 2014 at

Fleetway, London, Ont.

Organizer of Event: Kara Rijnen Weekes


A sample of the bottles used to help build the schools.



Many Lanes sponsored for the event.


Many guests arriving to check in for proper lanes to bowl

for a fun filled night of fun!


Many family and friends will enjoy the excitement of bowling,

there sure to be some Monkeying around!!


Team Travel Wannabes entering team mates names

into the computer.

Team Mates: Ian Parkin, with Travel Talk with Ian,

Anney Hall Parkin, with Angel Kissed Candle & Spa,

Wayne Macdonald, member of 1st CAV Medusa, Sarnia

Tami Huckle, Administration Assistant and Cook at Peace Keeper Park, Lake Whittaker, Aylmer, Ontario

Bill Phelan, Vice President of Die-X Tool and Die,

Anne Marie Phelan, Obeo Real Estate Photography and Snapd Magazine Volunteer Photographer




Many bowlers having a blast. 


Bowlers enjoying the night!


Many choose 5 pin bowling, others choose 10 pin bowling, all

enjoying the night out having a blast for a great cause.






Looks like the woman are having more fun the gents!




Kara selling raffle tickets for draw prizes


Travel Wannabes Team Mates

many Thanks to Kara for the laughter’s!

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Thursday- Women In Progress Presents: The LaTika Fashion Show @Marconi Club, London, Ontario


Carol Davies; CEO and Founder, The Passion Motivator

with her twin sister

Cheryl Strickland; CEO and Chief Formulator, Aroma Scents and Natural Products


Tova McGuire; Independent Consultant

Jamberry Nail Wraps


Heather Smith; Franchisee/Owner,

Tan On The Run


Nadia Hartford; Independent Consultant,

Thirty One Gifts



Carolyn Drummond; Director,

Jockey Person to Person


Sabrina Van Geleuken; Owner,

Graceful Petals

Flowers & More


Jessie Gussack; Designer

Jersey Lovey


Center Photo, Sherry Gabrielle; Independent Region Manager

Lia Sophia

Carol Davies and Cheryl Strickland


Cheryl Laframbroise; Independent Star Consultant

Grace Adele

Laura P. Lane; Art Director/Founder,

Graphix Lane

Marijo Swick; Independent Consultant,

Running With Crayons


Kristina Le Claire; Owner,

Bling Boutique

Katharine Kiewiet, Guest


Sandra Moosberger, Guest

Susan Tanton; Independent Consultant,

Send Out Cards



Elaine Lynas; Owner of REI International Ltd. at VI

Lorna Fitz-Gerald; Networking Coach; Event Facilitator


Ann Marie Ricketts; Founder-Executive Director,


Single Women In Motherhood; Guest Speaker




Margaret Stelzl; Owner; La Tika Fashions


Martina Chateauvert, Paula Hornick,

Marlene Horlick, Antoinette Dalal


Lorna Fitz-Gerald, Beth Sutterland,

Ann Marie Ricketts, Fatima Umaro


Marian Hundt; Director, Advisor Productivity and Development, Freedom 55 Financial

Tiffany Austin; Financial Security Advisor,

Freedom 55 Financial


Kristina Le Claire, Tiffany Austin, Ann Marie Ricketts


Lorna Fitz-Gerald

It was a lovely day for all, thank you for sharing this day with all who participated and attending the luncheon and show. I look forward to snapping up some more photos for various events over the year!


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January 2014 : An Obeo Adventure in Bountiful, Utah


Here we are about to embark onto a new adventure to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah, an adventure it was too!

We traveled the night before January 7th. 2014 stayed overnight in the Michigan so that we would have plenty of time to arrive to the airport. It started with a day filled of long road blocks and closures due to weather, icy roads, and traffic tie ups from Peterbourgh, Ontario all the way through to Shelby Township, Michigan.

After many hare-raising moments while travelling to the Detroit Metro International Airport we finally arrived, late, but alive! Checked into our airlines, reassured that we would be on the plane, not the case! Missed it by 5 minutes, disappointed but alive. So now we sit in the airport for 5 hours and people watch, such interesting people that they are.


Finally a break! We get on the next flight out on stand by, and we are on our way!! Arrived into Salt Lake City around 8:00pm, weather was warmer then back in Michigan or Canada. Reached our hotel finally around 10pm. What a feeling to have finally arrived.

Over the next few days, many people will gather together for an Obeo conference to discuss and train for many things that will be announced during this time.

I met many people during this time and enjoyed each and every moment with all of you. I thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding while each of us listened, learnt, cried, shared special moments, celebrated advancements, and learnt how to speak to others and listen intently, with intense emotion and pure love.

Some of the places we visited were, The State Capital, The Mormon Tabernacle Church, City Creek Centre, Tuscanos Brazilian Grill Restaurant and downtown Salt Lake City.

Please enjoy these photo’s of our trip, the friends we met and gained in the short few days, with many laughs along the way!!

See You There!!!




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