Top 10 Tips on Prepping Your Home for the Photographer

Getting your home picture perfect can make such a difference in the quality of your photographs. These Top 10 Tips will give you some ideas on how to prep your home for photo shoot day!


  1. Remove all unwanted or unnecessary debris and garbage from both the front of back of the property. 
  2. Create a clear passage, or clear the walkway from the front or back for the safety of the photographer.
  3. Remove or store away any children’s toys if possible,  both outside and inside.
  4. Remove all personal photos from the home, especially any of young children.
  5. Remove all items from counters such as kitchen & bathrooms to keep a clear view of the counters for potential buyers to see all of the space.
  6. Consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to give your home that extra cleaning that may be missed by regular cleanings. Most dust marks show up in the photos.
  7. Your agent may also suggest this. Get a home stager to professionally stage the entire home or specific rooms. This service helps potential buyers visualize the potential of the home.
  8. If there are any pets in the home, please remove or secure your pet while your home is being photographed.
  9. Add fresh flowers to the home. This adds beauty and colour to your professional photos.
  10. Make sure to replace any burnt out light bulbs in the entire home before the photographer arrives and also have some spare ones on hand just in case one burns out the day of the shoot!
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